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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should it take us to find the right home for us?

Because the Realtor's job is to consider your needs and match them with the best house, you may be surprised to discover that you find your next home the very first day that you look.

What am I supposed to do at the showings?

Make a list of everything that you like and don't like as you go through each home. Then, as you travel to the next house, you can review this information with the Realtor.

There are many benefits such as pride of ownership, and increased sense of security, the ability to make improvements of your choice, and not least of all, tax benefits.

What specific things should I look for in a home?

Look for features that you really would enjoy. Try to picture in your imagination your family and your furniture in the home.

What questions should I ask about schools?

You would want to know how the state ranks the school(s), test scores, sports programs, gifted and special programs. You may even arrange to visit potential schools.

Because all Realtors have access to MLS and all of the available listings, one Realtor with whom you fell comfortable will save you time, and you won't need to be re-qualified each time you work with a new Realtor.

Is it possible for us to find our dream home?

Yes, however, no house is perfect in every way. There will always be something that is not exactly right or in accordance with criteria. A home has a multitude of advantages and features. If you are able to get approximately 90% of those features in a specific house, this may be the one for you.

How should we prepare for the first meeting with our Realtor?

Decide what features you have in your present home that you would like in your next home. You should also decide what additional features you would find appealing.

I'm transferring to a new city. What do I do differently in this case?

As a transferee, you should try to get a feel for the entire city and the neighborhoods. This will help you find an area where you think you would be the most comfortable, before you begin to look at specific houses.